Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy Birthday to ...


Happy Birthday to you ...
Happy Birthday to you ...
Happy Birthday to ...hmm...
( just finish the song. )
Happy Birthday to you ...
( Don't forget to blow the candle and make a wish, ^_^ )

Thank you for singing together. Then, it just a gimmick again ! LOL ! Don't angry, or you would be angry bird ! Just kidding, guys.  Sometimes we've to loose our cheek muscle. chill, OK? 

I think you all know what would be the topic for this entry, right? Guess what ! 
A. cake
B. cake again
C. birthday cake

The answer was C ! LOL and LOL and LOL again ! Hmm, let me describe the cake by showing the selca !

 * click for enlarge purpose*
cake 1: chocolate cake and decorating of cherries.
Yummy, right? Be patient!

So how? One is enough, right? LOL ! Don't worry, I has more !

 * click for enlarge purpose*
cake 2: strawberry and cherry. Top-up of chocolate rice.
I guess that it was for my aunt's colleagues, Ms. Anis and
Ms. Murniza.  

 * click for enlarge purpose*
cake 3: oh, my! This is my favourite!!!! (highlight this.)
Almond ans strawberry again :0
WOW, this is for her boss! I know ! Boss = my uncle!
i'm so jealous! 

 * click for enlarge purpose*
cake 4: hmm, i guess that this is for ordering purpose.
A square cake and full of icing! oho !
 * click for enlarge purpose* 

In the final image, just ignore the background. LOL ! i'm very lazy to edit photo. Enough for now. zZzZzZzZz.

by  eeira

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