Tuesday, 24 January 2012



HEY, GUYS.  how are you today? hope it going to good day. Today, we are going to talk about strawberry. So for those who crazy of strawberries, this post is an advantage to you :)

1. square cake with strawberry.
i think this is chocolate cake. not to sure :)

2. round cake with strawberry.
Also with this, i mean it was chocolate cake.

3. creamy cake with strawberry
Top of icing creamy. Its yummy !The strawberries
make the cake good looking !
Thats all for now :)

Monday, 9 January 2012

Thankz ..!


HEY, peeps ! we meet again. We would like to thank for your full supports, including of a view or even you're indirectly opened this blog. A BIG THANK YOU !

*Next entry will be more interesting and of course, they would make you hungering of cakes! So stay tuned ! ;)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy Birthday to ...


Happy Birthday to you ...
Happy Birthday to you ...
Happy Birthday to ...hmm...
( just finish the song. )
Happy Birthday to you ...
( Don't forget to blow the candle and make a wish, ^_^ )

Thank you for singing together. Then, it just a gimmick again ! LOL ! Don't angry, or you would be angry bird ! Just kidding, guys.  Sometimes we've to loose our cheek muscle. chill, OK? 

I think you all know what would be the topic for this entry, right? Guess what ! 
A. cake
B. cake again
C. birthday cake

The answer was C ! LOL and LOL and LOL again ! Hmm, let me describe the cake by showing the selca !

 * click for enlarge purpose*
cake 1: chocolate cake and decorating of cherries.
Yummy, right? Be patient!

So how? One is enough, right? LOL ! Don't worry, I has more !

 * click for enlarge purpose*
cake 2: strawberry and cherry. Top-up of chocolate rice.
I guess that it was for my aunt's colleagues, Ms. Anis and
Ms. Murniza.  

 * click for enlarge purpose*
cake 3: oh, my! This is my favourite!!!! (highlight this.)
Almond ans strawberry again :0
WOW, this is for her boss! I know ! Boss = my uncle!
i'm so jealous! 

 * click for enlarge purpose*
cake 4: hmm, i guess that this is for ordering purpose.
A square cake and full of icing! oho !
 * click for enlarge purpose* 

In the final image, just ignore the background. LOL ! i'm very lazy to edit photo. Enough for now. zZzZzZzZz.

by  eeira

no dessert? oh, God!


HEY, there again ! we meet again too. Before story, How was your day? OK or KO? Hope that you guys having of all the happiness and health. May Allah blessing you! ^_^

oho ! Do you understand bout the above title? Get it or... not? Sorry, it's only of gimmick! Just imagine, what if there is no desert? no ice creams? Oh, God ! it feels like incomplete, right? May be some thought of people was vice versa, but its okay. It just my opinion ! Cut the words, pictures' time !

*click for enlarge purpose*

Strawberry, guys ! oh, man. Totally influenced my appetite ! so yummy ! You want this? Take it if you get! LOL !

by  eeira


HEY, there !

First of all, we're seeking an apologize for not updating the new entry post instead of many problems, but now it's going more better. Alhamdulillah. As you seen, we've new look, right? So how about that? Better look and more comersial ! ;)

So for today's entry, we would like to story bout cupcakes. Wow ! Wow ! Wow ! yummmmy. Before further words, let's check out of selca !

*click for enlarge purpose*

*click for enlarge purpose*

As you have seen, they looked so sweet. Both are decorated by flowers. Sorry, I only have this two images in my folder ! LOL ! May be next time, I would upload more of them, OK ?! ^_^ Hmm, may be it is for dowry, i think ! Because of the flowers it suits for that. Or may be i'm wrong? Don't know, but who's care? LOL ! Anyway, it was so delicious enough to see and of course, it was delicious to eat so. oh, yeah ! I think that's all for now. Thank you ! <3

by  eeira